01.10.2017 - Beauty Care

A clean start!

A clean start!

In an ideal world we would all have perfect skin and Collin Farrell’s number in our contacts. But unfortunately, such is not the case. Perfect skin belongs in fairytales and Ms Snow White’s face. Every single skin in the planet has its own imperfections, some more, some less. The thing is to make these imperfections less and the first and most important step is cleansing. If you think that cleansing is the easiest part of the beauty ritual, think again. Your face is not the kitchen counter to be scrubbed and rubbed. It needs to be handled with the utmost care otherwise you might create more problems such as redness, irritation and sensitivity. Read carefully and handle with care.

Step 1

Wash your hands first. Otherwise you’ll just be rubbing dirt and bacteria onto your skin. If you wear eye make up use an eye make up remover to tissue it off before cleansing. The skin around the eyes is sensitive, so keep cleansers that can be irritating away from it. Try Eye & Lip Make Up Remover.



Step 2

Wet your face completely by splashing it with warm or tepid water. Avoid hot water which strips skin from its protective oils leaving it fragile and dry.

Step 3

Lather a small amount of cleanser between your hands then, using your fingertips gently massage it into your skin using a circular motion. Use Gentle Cleansing Foam

Step 4

Start at the forehead, then move down the nose, out to the cheeks and down. Don’t forget your hairline, eyebrows and neck. As for timing anything less than 20 seconds is too short and anything longer than a minute is too long.

Step 5

Rinse the cleanser off by repeatedly splashing cool water over your face. Pay attention to spots that are easily missed, such as the hairline. Spend more time rinsing than cleansing. And when you think you finished, rinse again. Cleanser residue can irritate the skin.

Step 6

Use a clean soft towel to gently blot- not rub or pull- your face and neck. If your skin is oily, blot it until it is completely dry and apply moisturizer as needed. If your skin is dry dab it until it is almost dry, then smooth on moisturizer to seal in the water.