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Spring / Summer 2020


Products used

The first step before creating a makeup look is to choose the suitable base product for your needs in order to create a flawless and even complexion.

Use a fluffy makeup brush and mix the blush, bronzer and highlighter of the Nude palette and apply on cheeks and temples.

Apply the eye shadow “Pale Pink” on the upper eyelid. Outline the eye extending the line on the outer corner with Softline Eye Pencil Smoky No 30. Use the same pencil for the inner rim of the eye.

For very intense and dramatic eyelashes first apply a coat of Studio Perfect Mascara No 01. Then with swift, tapping motions apply Lash Booster. Apply one more coat of Studio Perfect Mascara.

Use Powdery Brow Definer No 02 for perfect defined brows.

Outline and fill lips with Softline Lip Pencil No 17. Apply Advanced NEW Care Lipstick No GL 110.
Alternatively use Matt Lasting Lip Color Metallic No 67.


Choose an eye shadow in a soft and pale shade and use it on entire upper lid to instantly make your eyes look bright and fresh.


Due to possible color deviation of the products on the computer screen, visit the nearest cosmetics store, try the products and get your own beauty guide.